An Introduction to Translator Studies by Attila Imre; Editura Universității “Transilvania”, Brașov, 2020, 218 pp., ISBN 978-606-19-1285-8

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Titela Vîlceanu

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Vîlceanu, T. “An Introduction to Translator Studies : By Attila Imre; Editura Universității ‘Transilvania’, Brașov, 2020, 218 pp., ISBN 978-606-19-1285-8”. Linguaculture, vol. 12, no. 1, June 2021, pp. 179-86, doi:10.47743/lincu-2021-1-0195.
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Titela Vîlceanu, University of Craiova, Romania

Associate Professor TITELA VÎLCEANU, PhD, Department of British-American and German Studies, Faculty of Letters; Director of The Department of Publications and Media, University of Craiova. Her teaching and research focus is on Translation Studies, Legal English, Pragmatics and Intercultural communication. She is also a Romanian language linguistic administrator (AD5) in the field of translation, certified by the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) - European Commission. She has attended numerous international conferences in country and abroad, and she has authored about 50 articles and 4 books. She has participated in 11 international interdisciplinary research programmes.


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