Three Versions of "The Hobbit": Strategies of Authentication and their Translation into Romanian

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Nadina Visan


A classic such as The Hobbit has occasioned three published versions in Romanian, which raises the question of progress in retranslation. Inspired by Kruger’s proposal that narratological translation shifts do occur in translation, we intend to check the validity of Antoine Berman’s famous ‘retranslation hypothesis’. By employing Berman’s ‘analytic of translation,’ the present paper identifies possible deforming tendencies in translation and compares the existing versions by using this criterion. We restrict our scrutiny to authentication strategies in a crucial chapter of The Hobbit, that is those narrative devices by means of which the narrator creates a bond with his readership. Another important point checked in our paper is whether there are instances of intertextuality in retranslation, which we prove by looking at those places in the narrative where the auctorial voice is heard in the source text and at similarities in their translation.

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Visan, N. “Three Versions of ‘The Hobbit’: Strategies of Authentication and Their Translation into Romanian”. Linguaculture, vol. 13, no. 1, June 2022, pp. 147-62, doi:10.47743/lincu-2022-1-0237.
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Nadina Visan, University of Bucharest, Romania

Nadina Vișan is Professor, PhD in the English Department, University of Bucharest, Romania. Her main interests lie in the direction of historical linguistics and translation studies. She is the co-author of New Perspectives on English Grammar, 2014, Institutul European Publishing House and the author of A Discourse Representation Theory Analysis of the Perfect in English and Romanian, 2006, University of Bucharest Publishing House, and of Elements of English Lexicology, 2015, University of Bucharest Publishing House.


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